Service Licence and Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms

The use of this service indicates that you acknowledge and accept all of the Service Licence terms and stipulations as detailed in the following sections. Service Licence terms are in effect as soon as you sign-up.

If this is not acceptable - please do not use this service

2. Release from Liability

Just as you can't hold the mailman responsible for the delivery of junk/unwanted/dangerous mail, you agree to treat this service in the same manner. That is, you will not hold this service responsible for any damages incurred from the use of data that is delivered to you.  In effect, you grant this service Common Carrier status even if it is not granted explicitly by legislative edict. Also, you will not hold this service liable for any damages either directly or indirectly caused by electronic data exchange through this service.

3. Prohibited Activities

Since its unlawful to enter other people's mail, or interfere in mail delivery, or use mail systems for fraudulent reasons, or send dangerous items, you agree to act in a lawful manner with respect to the electronic media you send and/or receive. In particular, you must respect privacy laws, copyright laws, and all other laws governing proprietary information. And remember, ignorance of the law is NOT a valid defense; if in doubt, find out.

Especially prohibited are certain types of commercial advertisement.  Commercial activity is allowed in certain Netnews groups and other areas.

4. Service Warranty

This service does NOT guarantee continuous, uninterrupted service. This service is periodically shutdown for short periods for maintenance, and other times due to acts of God and/or gremlins. We will make every effort to provide as high as possible ratio of uptime and will try to contact our subscribers if a downtime situation warrants that action. It will be up to individual subscribers to maintain copies of their own data for re-installation should a system failure deem this necessary.

5. Appropriate Use

You agree to use this subscription service for lawful and professional purposes. The direct or indirect exchange of illegal/proprietary/commercial copyright material is forbidden. Though we cannot forbid the exchange of legal but distasteful material, a preoccupation with such material can result in cancellation of your subscription. Such material includes but is not limited to obscene material or threat of violence to a person/s or thing/s.

6. Service Operation Rights

This service reserves the right to cancel, without notice, subscription services for reasons that conflict with the preceding paragraphs and for non-payment of bills. We also reserve the right to audit and control data transfer quantity and quality.

If your account data transfer quantity activity is consistently beyond and well above average Internet usage statistics, we reserve the right to change your account status to one more suitable to your volume of activity and charge accordingly.

An account may be cancelled if there is no activity for 5 months or if payment is past due by 2 months. In this case a re-activation fee will have to be paid to restart the account.

We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for bad cheques, cancellations, and other situations that burden us with extra-ordinary bookkeeping activities.

Your site may NOT resell our service to others. This includes but is not limited to the resale of such services as Email, Netnews, Internet archives, Web presentations, and so forth.

7. Privacy

You are hereby notified that Email/Netnews does not provide truly private mail (even when encrypted).

8. Service Activation

Email and Netnews is available as soon as you sign-up.

9. Custom Domain

Custom domain names are subject to a setup fee, a monthly maintenance fee and a transfer fee.

10. Billing Information

You also agree to comply with requests to keep your account information current.

Enjoy your subscription to Micromat on the Net!


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