Micromat's Mission
 Mission Statement

As we all know only too well the clients we serve today require client servers with acme server client compliant expansion capability to accomplish Y2K compatibility throughout and beyond the Millennium together with dovetailing integrated virtual technologies and porridge. Cornerstone keynotes include essential provisions by the server, of the server, for the server and for the owned client servers server (including tribbles). Technological flexibility capabilities and intraplatform migration provide system-empowering client perceived servers which serve demanding clients exigencies with the power to provide optimal control over their servers and clients - thereby resulting in higher integrational optimization roll-out of treddled non-contrarotational spigots. Superlative bandwidth connexion considerations are provided with sufficient peering agreements to other backbones together with connexions to neckbones ad infinitum to enhance total system bio-vivification. Ultimately the convexation of underlying parametrick degradation terminates the wider outlined banjo oriented mediations completing total integration in a nutshell. Our mission goal is to fulfill all these requirements.

Achieve the ability to extract value from undervalued or unused technologies - focus spending on core competencies while in-sourcing other technologies - bring products to market more rapidly while reducing development costs - license more technology faster and less expensively and share innovation across corporate and industry boundaries around the world.

Put all this power under your control with one simple call to interbillgated system facilitator MICROMAT and embrace your future by exponentially increasing both your global presence and your profitability.

You can have the edge over your competitors.

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