Micromat's New User Help page
 What now? 

So, you've managed to install the software, logged on (because you're reading this) and are not sure what to do next. You are not the first to wonder and there will certainly be many more to follow. Just what is the Internet? Well, the Internet is simply thousands of accessible computers all linked together. On a scale of largeness, the Internet is just very, very, very big and it is very easy to get totally lost and confused. It is so easy to get lost that you really need to work out where you are going and what you are looking for well in advance. In the event that you do get lost you only have to click on the Home button at the top of the page to quickly get back to our home page to collect your thoughts and start again.

Searching for stuff on the Internet is like searching through ALL the libraries in the world at the same time.  It's like a giant encyclopedia and you really have to know what kind of things you want to look for or where you want to look.. To help with this the Internet has index systems, it actually has many index systems, and they are known as SEARCH ENGINES. You simply enter a subject or word, or even a number of words, and they will usually return with the nearest thing they can find to your request. The selected items will be in the form of a list of Internet sites or pages and you only have to click on the name to pay them a visit. If it really was what you were searching for, just click on Favorites - Add to Favorites on your browser tool bar to be able to visit the same site again without repeating the search process. If it was not what you wanted then just click the Back button to return to the search results to see what other sites were found.
 Search tips

If you wanted to find red shoes then you should type red+shoes   (i.e. with a + sign)  and the search engine will find all pages containing BOTH words. Without the + sign you will get ALL the pages with red, ALL the pages with shoes, and ALL the pages containing both words.  To search for the phrase red shoes you need to enclose the words in quotes  i.e. "red shoes" 

The better you define your search - the better your chances of success.

 So much!

With over 100,000,000 sites already active you may have a lot of searching to do to find just what you are looking for.

Click here to try some search engines or here to try some of our preprogrammed links to get you started. Remember that if you get lost you can always click on Home on your browser to return you to the Micromat Home Page and start again.


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